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Sempergreen is your supplier of green living solutions. We supply indoor and outdoor living walls, green roofs and green roof restoration services. Our sustainable products enable you to create permanent greenery in no time. Based on our experience worldwide and the excellent quality of our products, we offer a full warranty to our customers!

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Green walls


The Sempergreenwall, a turnkey living wall, is a smart solution to face climate change in urban areas. And an attractive one as well! Our living walls can be applied indoors as well as outdoors.

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Storm water management and green roofs


Sempergreen combines green roofs with a stormwater management tool. A cost-effective and space saving tool, approved by NYC and many other cities in the US.

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Green roof remediation


Not happy with your green roof?
With our extensive knowledge of green roof renovation, we will turn your existing roof into a healthy green one again.

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We are happy to address any questions you may have. For your convenience, we have selected a few FAQs. Is your question not here? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

What are Sempergreen Flexipanels in vertical gardens?

Flexipanels are ‘pillows’ that connect each panel to the next, both vertically and horizontally. This allows the plant’s roots to migrate into all directions instead of confining them to a ‘box’ This is similar to how a goldfish will adjust itself in size according to the size of the fishbowl. The same fish will grow much larger once moved to a much larger bowl. Likewise, if you want static or bonsai’ d looking plants that rarely bloom, you will want to choose a system that will box in the plants roots. However, if you want a vertical garden where plants can grow across 4-5 feet of the wall (think Buddleia/Butterfly bush that is 5ft in diameter) and will mature and bloom lushly, you will want to use our Sempergreen Flexipanel system. This system will provide you with a dynamic, vertical garden; not tiny plants that seem frozen in time and place like a goldfish stuck in a small bowl.

Why do you use mineral wool instead of soil?

Mineral wool is a product that disperses moisture throughout the profile with its strong capillary forces that are equal or close to gravitational forces. The fine fibers of the mineral wool attract and hold water, yet when the plant roots want to absorb the water; they readily release it to the plant. Soil based systems are organic and will wash out, blow away, be picked up by birds, or decompose over time (3-5 years). Furthermore, soil is not good in the fight against gravitational forces and will shrink over time; causing vertical rivers that allow the water to
‘fall out’. Due to the issues with using soil, we choose a material that will last for 40+ years and not change its characteristics in regards to water management or structural capacity.

Can I apply a SemperGreenwall to any surface?

A SemperGreenwall can be installed on any surface, provided that, the surface meets anchoring requirements and is able to hold the weight of the wall which is approximately 9-10lbs/sqft or 45kg/m2. In order to anchor the wall, the vertical omega profiles on which the Flexipanels hang, need to be secured to the wall with a screw or bolt every 2-3 vertical feet. Therefore, the wall needs to be able to anchor these fasteners and hold the weight of the system that is transferred to the screws or bolts.

How do I get a budget quote?

You can get a budget quote by sending us a detailed drawing with dimensions and drawings that show the location of the wall and accessibility of the wall from the ground. It costs Sempergreen a lot of time to do a detailed quote and without having visited the site, understanding access restrictions, time of year installation, etc., we can only give you an approximate cost price per square feet. This budget quote should typically be within $5-15 per sqft from the quoted installed price. The bigger the green wall, the smaller the discrepancy will be. Once a project becomes real, the installation company can inspect the site and look at detailed drawings which will allow Sempergreen to produce a more precise, installed green wall quote.

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