SemperGreenwall: indoor / outdoor living wall

The SemperGreenwall is a unique, lavish and turnkey living wall. Green walls provide considerable benefits to the environment and people’s wellbeing. The SemperGreenwall can be applied indoors as well as outdoors – it excels everywhere!

Green walls

Green walls


Greenery is one of the most important ways to regulate extreme temperatures and cope with heavy rainfalls. An outdoor living wall is a smart solution to face climate change in urban areas. Indoor living walls have a positive impact on people’s health and happiness. In short, green walls offer considerable benefits to people and the environment. They are a great solution for sustainable, livable, and climate-resilient cities.

Sempergreen is your expert for turnkey indoor or outdoor green walls. From design and development to cultivation, installation and maintenance, we are responsible for the entire process. Inside or outside, from Washington to Florida, our green wall thrives in all climates. Our maintenance program keeps the plants in shape year-round.

the SemperGreenwall

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Our SemperGreenwall offers a grand entrance into any building. It is the most durable and economical long-term solution in the field of green living walls. Its plants stay green all year long and can withstand very high or low temperatures. As the SemperGreenwall has a smart irrigation and Plant Care System and the greenery is getting the right nutrients, plants can grow to their full potential and the risk of plant replacement is next to nothing. Our walls are fire resistant, hurricane proof, and can be placed at almost any height.

Green walls

Outdoor living wall

An outdoor green wall enables you to create more greenery in an urban area. Thanks to our Flexipanel system and our wide variety of plants, nearly every wall is suitable to become a thriving SemperGreenwall. Besides installation, we also offer tailored maintenance programs. Our green solutions are endless! Want to know more? Please contact us to discuss the options for your green wall.

indoor living wall

Not only does an indoor living wall create a luxurious entrance, this attractive feature also contributes to the well-being of the people working or living in the building. The SemperGreenwall creates a green oasis in an office, hospital, or school building. It helps to improve air quality and productivity, and it reduces ambient noise. Do you only have a small space available? We also offer a moveable green wall. Contact us for a tailored solution in your building!

Green walls