Green Roof restoration

Is your green roof not performing the way it should be? The deterioration of your green roof is reversible. Sempergreen will transform your “unhealthy” roof into a green, healthy roof again. And it will stay green – guaranteed.

Green roof remediation
Green roof remediation


Occasionally, plant coverage is lost on green roofs. This may be caused by nutrient-deprived media, third party damage, system failure, lack of proper maintenance or design/installation flaws. Whatever the issue is, our expert team has different strategies to restore your green roof to its desired state.

Sempergreen performs hundreds of full or partial green roof renovations a year. There is a reason why people call us ‘The green roof doctors’. Depending on the issues, we provide a tailored advice and perform roof cleanup, soil remediation, irrigation calibration and/or plant installation. And we offer a full warranty to our customers.

green roof reSToRATION by sempergreen

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Personal inspection and diagnosis

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Tailored advice & plant selection

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Renovation by sedum blankets or plant cuttings

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Green roof warranty

thorough and permanently green upgrade

Sempergreen has different solutions for green roof restoration. We can make use of sedum blankets or plant cuttings and can implement different maintenance strategies. We always start by inspecting your roof and acquiring soil samples for lab testing prior to renovation. This way, any potential underlying problem can be identified and addressed first. After that, we prepare for renovation by removing debris, unwanted plant media and netting in damaged areas. Depending on the roof specs and the desired outcome, we offer different remediation options. All of them with a permanent green result.

Storm water management and green roofs

plant renovation

After the first phase of roof inspection and soil testing, our team of experts will remove debris, unwanted plant media and netting in the areas that are in need of restoration. We will loosen and level the growing media to prep for fresh plant cuttings.

Based on our tailored advice, we will deliver, unload and install the fresh plants, restoring the desired coverage in damaged areas. Sempergreen also takes care of the vertical transportation of the plants.

Sedum blankets

The use of sedum blankets as a green roof renovation solution is a guarantee for a succesful green roof. Sempergreen offers sedum blankets for existing roofs as well as new buildings. Various solutions are possible, from lightweight blankets to water detaining sedum roof coverings for stormwater management.

Green Roof Remediation