About Sempergreen Services USA

Sempergreen Services USA is a known expert of both Living Wall and Green Roof solutions. Our team is committed to improving quality of life by optimizing your living surroundings.

We work with you from design, finding the appropriate approach for your project, manufacturing and growing those products, installing and offering long-term maintenance to keep your property in great shape, guaranteed! With a diverse team of experts and years of experience on hundreds of projects throughout the USA, we are the perfect one-stop-shop for all your Living Wall and Green Roof related questions. 

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality products and services, to improve the overall quality of, your, your clients’, your tenants and your guests’ life based on biophilic principles. We are passionate to take green solutions to new heights and to make the world greener every day!

Sempergreen USA was established in 2007 and based in Virginia, we have extended our reach throughout the entire USA. Sempergreen USA is part of Sempergreen Group and together we have years of experience and thousands of projects.

Years of experience and more than thousands of projects throughout the globe and in the United States, have made us the expert and market leader in green sustainable solutions.

Years of practice makes us the expert in delivering high quality and sophisticated green walls, and always finding the right solution to bring a green roof back in good shape.

About us - USA

Team members Sempergreen Services USA

Eric Kronenwetter

Department Manager Living Walls


About us - USA

John Goonan

Maintenance Manager Living Walls


About us - USA

CJ Marr

Installation Technician Living Walls


About us - USA

Zack Jacobsen

Installation Technician Living Walls


About us - USA

Jesus Aquije

Maintenance Technician Green Roofs and Living Walls


About us - USA

Ryan Grannan

Maintenance Technician Living Walls


About us - USA

Benny Hidalgo

Department Manager Green Roofs


About us - USA

Douglas Salguero

Operations Manager Green Roofs


About us - USA

Remigio Zamudio

Maintenance Technician Green Roofs


About us - USA

Derek Hidalgo

Maintenance Technician Green Roofs