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Are you looking for a sustainable and green solution for your renovation project? Then consider a green facelift with a green roof or green facade from Sempergreen! Not only do these green building systems give your building a big boost in terms of appearance, but they also have numerous benefits for your building and the environment. Best of all? The systems are easy to apply to any project and also contribute to LEED or BREEAM certification. In this article, we take a look at the 7 most beautiful ecologically renovated projects with a green roof or living wall. The projects speak for themselves, why Sempergreen’s green solutions are the first choice for a sustainable renovation.

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Primary school – Schauenstein, Germany

The urgency of effective water management was again strongly felt recently in several municipalities within Germany’s Hof region. In summer 2021, certain areas had to declare a state of emergency due to extremely heavy rainfall. Not surprisingly, responsible authorities are increasingly looking at innovative water storage solutions. A fine example of this approach can be found on the roof of the gymnasium of the primary school in Schauenstein. Here, a groundbreaking Detention Roof has been installed within a sponge city construction. This initiative is a first, as it is one of the first applications of such a measure at a Bavarian school. This project not only symbolises a proactive approach to water management, but also illustrates the growing trend of integrating sustainable solutions into crucial facilities. It serves as an inspiring example for other municipalities and educational institutions striving for resilient and innovative approaches to water management in the face of climate challenges. 

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The Green Digital – Düsseldorf, Germany

At the busy S-Bahn station Am Wehrhahn in the heart of Düsseldorf, a unique green space has been created. Sempergreen, in cooperation with blowUP media Germany and LEDCON Systems GmbH, has installed a SemperGreenwall around an impressive 100 m² LED video wall, powered by solar energy. This 180 m² green wall not only improves air quality, but also provides a visual highlight in the city. The SemperGreenwall is planted with 14,000 plants, including shrubs, perennials and ferns. This diversity ensures that the façade remains green and lively all year round. This green wall, pre-planted in Sempergreen’s nursery, is instantly green upon installation. This green eye-catcher helps improve air quality by offsetting CO2 and optimising the microclimate. The giant LED screen is powered entirely by solar energy via an advanced photovoltaic system. This eco-friendly use of energy contributes to climate neutrality and offers advertisers a sustainable option to positively associate their brand. ‘The Green Digital’ combines advanced technology with natural beauty, making it a refreshing and sustainable addition to Düsseldorf’s urban landscape. The project shows how innovative use of green technology can contribute to a better living environment in busy urban areas.

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Roof renovation with Solar and greenery – Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

In the city of Nieuwegein in the middle of the Netherlands, housing corporation Jutphaas Wonen has realised an impressive sustainable project. Spread over an area of 2,500 m², Sempergreen Solar Sedum roofs have been installed, with no fewer than 378 solar panels. Thanks to the clean energy source, tenants benefit from a 15-year discount on their energy tax. This multifunctional green roof, which generates energy, also contributes to the aesthetics of the area. Tenants overlooking the Solar Sedum roofs enjoy a more beautiful view and often share photos to show their appreciation. Jutphaas Wonen’s Solar Sedum roof project is an excellent example of how sustainability and aesthetics can go hand in hand, contributing to a pleasant and better living environment for everyone.  

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Rotterdam Courthouse

The Courthouse of Rotterdam underwent an impressive facade renovation. The new reception area called ‘Galleria’, designed by Fokkema & Partners Architects, is now adorned by a beautiful SemperGreenwall. The entire interior wall is covered with it, with the main aim of creating a peaceful environment in this busy entrance area. And with success – the abundance of plants in the wall has resulted in an impressive 41% noise reduction.

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Residential area – Oss, the Netherlands

What a green boost for this residential area! In the Vogelbuurt neighbourhood in Oss, housing corporation BrabantWonen commissioned a sustainable roof renovation at five residential blocks. The roofs of 22 homes were renewed and equipped with Sempergreen’s Lightweight Sedum roof system, combined with solar panels. This project covers 1,000 m² of green roofs and gives the neighbourhood a beautiful green look. The new roofing ensures better insulation, while the green roofs and solar panels contribute to comfortable living and energy-efficient homes. The cooler environment of the green roof also has a positive effect on the efficiency of the solar panels. A great example of sustainable home improvement creating energy-efficient homes!

Vogelbuurt in Oss, the Netherlands

Gym – Utrecht, the Netherlands

Commissioned by the municipality of Utrecht, a forty-year-old gymnasium in the Kanaleneiland district underwent complete renovation. Sustainability was a crucial aspect for the client, who required the gym to be sustainable in all its aspects. The gym was given a fresh and green look both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, a healthy sport and play environment was created. The new green facade absorbs CO2 and fine particles and also promotes urban biodiversity. Since sun and rain have no impact on the façade, the lifespan of the gymnasium is significantly extended. With the pre-cultivated SemperGreenwall, the gymnasium faces a sustainable future.

Green gym in Utrecht, the Netherlands

Apartment complex, Alexandria, VA, USA

Apartment complex The Asher in Alexandria, VA, offers residents a unique living environment with several rooftop terraces spread over several floors. These terraces are ideal places to relax, enjoy greenery, exercise or eat together. Unfortunately, the original green roof was neglected and in poor condition: barren, trampled and unattractive. Sempergreen Services tackled this problem and thoroughly renovated the roof. Green facades were installed in several places, giving the building a stylish look. In addition, new green roofs have been installed on several floors, so that residents can now enjoy a beautifully green and soothing environment. Thanks to this roof renovation, the residents of The Asher can once again fully enjoy their roof terraces, surrounded by vibrant greenery that contributes to improving the quality of life and green appearance of the complex.

Apartment building The Asher in Alexandria, USA

Are you inspired by these success stories in sustainable renovation projects?

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