Stunning living outdoor wall at an office rooftop terrace

Outdoor living wall | Century Center

What an inspiring workspace this is! This outdoor terrace is part of an office in Arlington, VA and offers its employees a chance to work ‘flexibly’ and enjoy sitting outside. The roof terrace is surrounded by a lush Outdoor SemperGreenwall, covering a space of 456 sq ft. The living wall is planted with a mixture of exuberant plants with various flowering and leaf colors. It is not only a feast for the eyes, but also a nice environment where employees come to relax for a while, buy a breath or have a coffee break.

Add green for an attractive workspace

Did you know that an attractive workspace increases employees’ productivity? Most workspaces are designed for function rather than form, often reinforcing the perception of work as dull and sterile. Adding green to your workspace enhances creativity and boosts productivity, as many studies have shown. Green has a positive effect on employee satisfaction and health and reduces stress. And with high levels of employee satisfaction and wellbeing comes high levels of productivity. Staff will be more motivated to work when they are in a positive environment. Therefore, working in a green environment surrounded by a green facade is advantageous for both employees and employers.

  • Stunning living outdoor wall at an office rooftop terrace
  • Rooftop terrace outdoor SemperGreenwall in Arlington
  • Cozy corner at a beautiful SemperGreenwall living wall
  • Plant specialist inspecting the SemperGreenwall outdoor
  • Outdoor SemperGreenwall at the Century Center office
  • SemperGreenwall outdoor at an office terrace
  • Living wall
  • Beautiful living wall at the Century Center office in Arlington

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