Transform your outdoor space with an Eye- catching Plant Wall

If you want to transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis, consider adding an outdoor plant wall. This unique and eye-catching feature can add a touch of natural beauty to any area, whether it’s an outdoor wall or a spacious backyard. Learn how we design and build your new plant wall and discover the various plants that thrive in this vertical garden setting.

Plant wall

Designing a plant wall layout

Our products are designed according to your wishes. Literally, anything is possible. The plant wall for your project can take any desired form. If you wish to have the plant wall placed at an angle, at height, wrapped around a corner, in different, and unique shapes. The SemperGreenwall opens up a world of limitless possibilities, transforming any outdoor space into a green masterpiece. With a wide variety of plant choices, we can craft diverse designs. From lush green walls to vibrant bursts of color. Additionally, the flexibility of the systems allows for seamless logo incorporations, making it perfect for business organizations to enhance their branding and aesthetics. ASK US for your possibilities

Discover how we choose the right plants for a plant Walld

Choosing the right plants for your plant wall is essential to ensure a thriving an visually appealing outdoor plant wall. Therefore, we show you how we get started:

Climate and location

Before the start of the plant selection, the climate and the specific location of your plant wall is well-thought-out. As different plants thrive in various conditions, understanding the local climate and microclimate is vital. Is your outdoor space in full sun, partial, or complete shade? The amount of sunlight your wall receives will greatly influence the plant selection. Above all, another factor that influences plant selection is wind exposure. Our horticulturists take each factor into close consideration while selecting the best plants for your outdoor plant wall.

Suitable for any climate

As mentioned, we select our plants based on climate and the plants within the SemperGreenwall are super happy due to the Flexipanel system. This system allows full root growth and allows the plants to grow to their full potential, resulting in strong, happy plants. Our outdoor plant wall thrives in extreme colds and in below 0 degrees temperatures. But also, thrive in very warm and humid locations such as southern USA.

Designing a plant wall layout

Our products can be designed according to your wishes. Once the plants are carefully selected, it is time to design the layout of your plant wall. This step is crucial for creating a visually stunning and balanced display. We take care of the :

  1. Plant arrangements: the plant arrangements are selected carefully to mimic the natural growth patterns of the plants and create a more visually appealing design.
  2. Color scheme: the horticulturists select the color scheme in line with your wishes for the plant wall. In essence, a harmonious and calming atmosphere, or a bold mix of vibrant colors. The plant selection will greatly influence the overall color scheme. Therefore, we help you to find the most suitable plants that fit your vision.
  3. Symmetry or Asymmetry: the plant wall can be symmetric or asymmetric. Symmetry can create a sense of balance and order, while asymmetry can make it more dynamic and natural.
  4. Texture and form: create a 3D effect and depth, with different varieties of plants with different leaf shapes and sizes.

installation of the sempergreenwall

You will be surprised that a SemperGreenwall is easily installed on almost any wall. Our living walls integrate perfectly with any surface, be it stone, wood, sandwich panels, or any insulating material. We already have a great deal of experience with various mounting techniques; the wall’s ability to sustain 10 pounds per square foot is the only requirement. Read more about the installation on different surfaces.

Sempergreen is up to any challenge, no matter how high your project is or where in the world it will be located. With our modular green wall system, we fulfil your wishes. The knowledge and experience of our staff guarantees immediate green living walls that remain that way. The only requirements are a technical room for the Plant Care System, which controls the plants’ nutrition and water supply and a load bearing façade.

plant wall

Maintenance and care for your plant wall

The Cradle to Cradle certified green wall systems from Sempergreen are designed to maximize the health and quality of the plants. For a long-lasting vertical garden, the use of Flexipanels allows the plants plenty of space to grow, providing good root production and robust, healthy plants. Of course, maintaining a green wall is also necessary.

Maintaining the excellent appearance of your SemperGreenwall throughout the year requires regular care. The maintenance is divided into multiple visits, during which the plants are tended to, and the Plant Care System is inspected and tested. Every maintenance visit includes a check of the gutters and drains, and visual inspections are conducted on a regular basis to assess the plant wall’s health and determine what has to be done for the next maintenance visit. Additionally, the irrigation system receives routine maintenance and nutrition top-ups. The irrigation schedule for the outdoor green wall is adjusted for the various seasons.

We are responsible for the best-looking green wall you have ever seen. Therefore, we keep track of your green wall with regular maintenance visits and online monitoring. Above all, due to the Smart Plant Care System, the outdoor plant wall requires little to almost to attention from the owner.

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