Sven Tower

The new Sven Tower, also known as the new Queens Plaza Park,  features a flourishing poolside garden with a SemperGreenwall Outdoor. Sempergreen Services LLC took care of the living wall installation, featuring 753 sqft (70m²) of greenery. Fitting with NYC’s local climate, the team included Cold Climate Perennials with seasonal flowers. The main driver behind installing this green wall was to soften the hard materials in the middle of the city and green up the new patio which adjoins the historic Long Island City Clock Tower.

Increasing urban nature

Handel Architects, Selldorf Architects, and Starr Whitehouse Landscape Architects and Planners designed this beautiful project on the LEED Platinum-certified building. The two wrap-around ends, created with the pre-grown Flexipanels, give you the impression there is no end to this living wall. The vertical solution helps to create a piece of nature in the built environment even when there’s little space available. Especially in such a big city, increasing the presence of plants and nature is incredibly important to help decrease pollution, traffic noise and high temperatures. Natural solutions like living walls can purify the air, create better thermal insulation and improve the ‘psyche’ of people who live near the green areas.

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