Residence Rittenhouse 

Indoor and outdoor jungle in Philly!

The owners of one of America’s most beautiful homes, increased the level of greenery in and out their residence with the installation of the amazing Living Wall of 1000sq ft. This particular SemperGreenwall is divided into an indoor and an outdoor section, the living wall is separated with a retractable glass ceiling. This immensely high vertical indoor garden creates a calming and yet refreshing ambiance for the inhabitants of Rittenhouse.

Even though the green wall is located in the colder North American climate, both the indoor and outdoor sections can be irrigated and protected from the cold the whole year round. This is due to a winterization module that is built into the SemperGreenwall irrigation system. The module will continuously monitor the outdoor temperature and respond to colder temperatures by winterizing itself. When the temperature rises above a certain value, everything starts back up again automatically.

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