3D living wall

MCN build

MCN Build HQ Indoor staircase

Sempergreen Services installed a thriving living wall behind the staircase of a small Georgetown office for general contractor, MCN build. MCN build is a company responsible for a great amount of school and library projects in the DC area.


Living walls for a healthy office!

Since MCN build receives a lot of inquiries about green inclusive buildings and the incorporation of living walls, its employees wanted to gain firsthand experience by installing a living wall in their office. Sempergreen Services and MCN have a great long-lasting relationship, with close collaboration regarding new and existing green inclusive construction.

Indoor staircase

The 160 SF living wall is placed at, and runs continuously behind the staircase of the building, while being visible from three different floors, creating a spectacular experience. The green wall was designed by STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN Architects.
The living wall is a great addition to office spaces! An indoor living wall can provide numerous benefits, including improving air quality, reducing noise levels, increasing productivity, and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.
Since the living wall is visible from three different floors, it can serve as a focal point and create a connection between the different levels. It’s important to ensure that the green wall is well-maintained and healthy to maximize its benefits. Therefore, the SemperGreenwall is equipped with a special irrigation system, which waters and fertilizes the plants. It also monitors the lighting and temperature conditions. Additionally, consideration was made in selecting the right plant species that are suitable for indoor environments and that can thrive in the specific lighting and temperature conditions of the office space.
Overall, a well-designed and well-maintained indoor living green wall can provide numerous benefits and add a touch of nature and beauty to an office space.

  • Indoor green wall at MCM build
  • Indoor living wall at the MCM build office
  • Indoor SemprGreenwall at MCM build

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