Outdoor green wall USA

Casino Entrance

The owners of the Northern Quest Resort & Casino in Spokane Washington have chosen to liven up their new extension with these pretty SemperGreenwalls, installed by Sempergreen Services. The living walls that greet incoming visitors, have different sizes, which creates a very eye-catching effect. In total, the green walls span 600 sq. ft. / 55,7 m².

Custom Made Outdoor Green Walls
SemperGreenwalls are comprised of plants that stay green the whole year round. All SemperGreenwalls are specifically designed for the regional climate and placement on the wall of each project. The latter means that northern walls have SemperGreenwalls with different plants compared to walls facing the south. The green walls consist of pregrown Flexipanels which can be modified to all kinds of different specifications.

Installer: Sempergreen Services LLC

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