Green roof Amazon HQ


In Arlington, Virginia, USA, the roofs of HQ1 and HQ2 of multinational are revitalized with a Sempergreen green roof. These two HQs nestled in Metropolitan Park right next to the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport now feature stunning green roofs with panoramic views of the Washington monument. The incorporation of the green roofs for Amazons two HQs aligns with the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The campus is designed to demonstrate what’s possible when it comes to sustainable construction and design, and benefit the local community. 


Amazon HQ1 and HQ2 Transformed with Sempergreen Green Roof System
To renovate the roofs of HQ1 and HQ2, Amazon opted for Sempergreen’s qualitative green roof system, featuring direct green Sedum blankets. Covering an impressive total area of 43,700 square feet, these green roofs were expertly installed by Sempergreen Services. “While it’s not always necessarily visible to our customers or communities, we’re working to decarbonize all of Amazon’s buildings—including our corporate offices, data centers, and fulfillment facilities—given the climate impact of the built environment,” highlights Kara Hurst, vice president for Worldwide Sustainability at Amazon. 

  • Green roof Amazon HQ Before renovation
  • Sempergreen Services at work for green roof renovation
  • Collage of pictures, result after the green roof renovation
  • Result of the green roof renovation
  • After renovation
  • Installation and renovation of the green roof at Amazon
  • Green roof with walking tiles
  • Green roof top Amazon HQ2 building and Amazon HQ1 building

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