Sustainable renovation with nature as a muse

Sustainable renovation with nature as a muse is hot. Or rather, the goal is to ensure sustainable renovation keeps it cool, not hot. Renovation now transcends beyond just refurbishing houses to enhance value or modern appeal; it’s a means of giving back to nature. And how we do that? We’re eager to explain.

Every square meter green roof or living wall counts

Sustainable renovation is here to stay. Every square meter of green roof or green wall counts, because it’s space we can give back to nature when renovating a building. When Sempergreen’s founder, Corné van Garderen, envisioned transforming flat roofs into roofs brimming with life 28 years ago, few saw the potential. He stuck to his vision and has since built an international company that, through green roofs and now also outdoor and indoor green walls, and various urban surfaces, gives back countless meters to nature worldwide.

That alone makes the effort of green renovation worthwhile. But there are many more (financial) benefits. We’ve listed them here for you. If you have questions after reading about these benefits or want to know what we can do for your projects and those of your clients, please contact our specialists. They can tell you exactly what the specific benefits are for you.

“Our green roofs give life!”

sustainable renovation

sustainable Renovation with green roofs

Our green solutions breathe life into every roof. Insects eagerly use the roofs to rest, feed, and grow. But our green roofs do much more. They provide heat regulation; they keep warmth outside during summer (that’s a savings you’ll notice in your wallet!). They also play a significant role in water management. The roofs retain rainwater and release it slowly to the sewer system or storm drains, reducing peak loads on the sewer during heavy rains, which, unfortunately, we see more often since climate is changing. You can read more about how that works here.

Green solar roofs

Did you know that a green roof also has a great effect on solar panels? Especially now that we’ve set the standard for the new solar green roof of the future with Over Easy Solar! With this combination, you can make 100% use of solar panels while your green roof gets 100% space. Due to the cooling effect of the plants, the output of the bifacial panels is guaranteed to be higher than when placed on a conventional black roof.

And what about pitched roofs?

With all these benefits, we can rightly call our green roofs a sustainable way of renovating. Thanks to our many years of experience as growers and our innovative spirit, we have also developed a perfect solution for pitched roofs. There’s no roof that can’t be greened, so every renovation project is eligible. Want to know more about our green roof solutions for pitched roofs? Read on here.

sustainable renovation

And often, there are financial incentives too!

More and more governmental organizations recognize the enormous importance of green renovation and offer grants or tax benefits for green roof and green facade installations. Get in touch with your local offices to see what their programs are!

Sustainablen Renovation with a green facade

In addition to greening flat and pitched roofs worldwide, we have also developed a system to make every drab facade green and radiant. Because, as you read, every square meter counts. Our green wall system is completely water-resistant, making it suitable as the outer shell of a building. Ideal for facade renovation, as you can skip a layer. Besides being water-resistant, our panels are flexible and can be shaped in any form.

Turning a corner? No problem!

Turning a corner? No problem. Curves and circles? We adapt our wall to fit. Logos, colors, scents? Anything and everything is possible! And as growers, we naturally love plants and want to give them all the space they need. And we have succeeded. Our panels are pre-grown vertically in our greenhouses. The panels are designed to fit together like a puzzle. The roots of the custom-made plant mix can grow in any direction, not constrained by pots or plastic pockets where they must fend for themselves. Thanks to this technique, our green walls last indefinitely and become even more beautiful.

It’s essentially just vertical gardening

We prefer to call it vertical gardening and are involved from design to installation and from maintenance to service. Our specialists can even remotely monitor the moisture balance and temperature of the facade, adjusting the irrigation as needed. Naturally, the irrigation system can be filled with either tap water or rainwater.

All in all, you could say that green renovation is the new way to renovate. Green is no longer just a style statement; it shows the world you’re participating. Participating in giving back to nature, step by step, meter by meter. Together we can Replant The Planet, starting with green renovation!

sustainable renovation

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