Increase building value with green renovation

The world of real estate is all about value. But what if we told you that there is a way to increase the value of your building that is not only financial, but also brings a range of other benefits? That is exactly what green renovation, with green roofs and green facades, for example, can offer. Let’s take a closer look at how greening can not only boost the financial value of your building, but also add other aspects of value.

Green Wall Boston Cambridge crossing

Aesthetic Value

Green roofs and green walls add a unique and living element to buildings, making them stand out in the urban landscape. This visual enhancement can increase the overall attractiveness of the building for both residents and visitors. Moreover, retail premises with a living wall or visible green roof, for example, attract more visitors than their drab, grey neighborhood counterparts. Visitors also spend more on average. After all, people like to stay longer in attractive buildings. Source: nature within 

People like to stay longer in attractive buildings such as Hilvertshof shopping center in Hilversum, The Netherlands

Flexible design

Because our Sempergreen Flexipanels for green facades, the name says it all; are flexible, green facades can meet any architecturally creative design. The panels can be adapted to any specific look or theme in shape, color, planting and flowering. This allows you to give each building a unique identity which increases its visual appeal. Moreover, a living wall can serve as a powerful marketing tool, allowing a company or organization to emphasize its commitment to sustainability and the environment. In these times when sustainability plays an important role, this argument can factor into consumers’ business choice.

McDonald's cleverly uses its logo by integrating it into a green facade, making it not only a marketing tool but also a symbol of sustainability.

McDonald’s cleverly uses its logo by integrating it into a green facade, making it not only a marketing tool but also a symbol of sustainability.

Complete solutions for green roofs

Our comprehensive solutions for green roofs can also be adapted to the design of the building. This gives the architect complete freedom in greenery design for renovation or new construction. This not only increases the aesthetic value but also the sustainability value of the building.

Zanddonk Children’s Centre in Waalwijk, the Netherlands uses Sempergreen’s complete green roof solutions on both flat and sloping roofs. Photo: Airpro Waalwijk

“Applying green roofs and living walls can lead to serious savings on energy costs”

Functional Value

Besides aesthetic value, using green roofs and green façade cladding in renovations offers a natural way of regulating temperature. This reduces energy requirements in winter and summer. This can then lead to serious savings on energy costs and contributes to the sustainable image of the building. A sustainable image in itself increases the value of a building (read more about this topic in this business case for green building). By paying attention to energy-saving solutions such as a green roof or a green facade when renovating, you will also see the value increase reflected in the end-user’s savings. If you also advise the end-user of the building to investigate the municipality’s subsidy scheme, part of the renovation may also be subsidized.

By protecting against direct sunlight, rain, and temperature fluctuations, green roofs can extend the life of roofing materials. This means less maintenance and replacement costs in the long run. Thus, you ensure that the renovated roof lasts much longer. In turn, green walls can serve as a replacement for a building’s outer shell. This is because our green facade system is completely waterproof and water-resistant. And therefore, the same goes for the green facade; it has a protective effect. By applying a living wall as an outer shell, a facade can last longer. 

Higher property and rental prices

Buildings with green roofs or walls can be more attractive to buyers and tenants, which can lead to higher property and rental prices. The value of buildings with a green appearance has been shown to be higher than those without green applications. 

“By investing in green roofs and walls, we not only create attractive buildings, but also contribute to a better world”

A boost for well-being

Besides being visually attractive, the green look also has a mentally appealing function because the productivity of employees in green environments is higher than the productivity of employees in an environment without greenery. The more productive your employees are, the more successful you’ll be as a business.

The healing power of green

Green roofs and living walls can contribute to the well-being of people living, working or staying in and around the building. For example, hospitals with green facades and/or roofs, where patients have a view of greenery, use up to 30% less painkillers! This is not only beneficial for patients but also for hospital costs.

Views of greenery have a healing and pain-reducing effect. Photo: Martin Gaisert, Oncocubus Recklinghausen, Germany

Ecological value

Last but certainly not least; green roofs and facades provide habitat for birds, insects and other urban fauna, contributing to biodiversity in urban environments. And looking to our future, this value might be the most important value we can increase by using green roof and façade solutions when renovating. 

All in all, by investing in green roofs and green walls, owners and developers can increase the value of their buildings on multiple fronts, from aesthetic appeal to economic benefits, while also contributing to environmental and social goals. Want to know more about renovating with greenery? Then get in touch with our specialists, we are happy to think along with you from start to finish in the realization of your project.

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