Indoor Vertical garden EPA office Melbourne Australia

Indoor vertical garden

The foyer of the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in Victoria office in Melbourne was remodelled in late 2021. At the heart of the foyer, a lush custom-designed SemperGreenwall now greets visitors and employees.

Healthy living environment
To reflect its core values and concern for environmental and climate-related issues, the EPA chose to incorporate a SemperGreenwall in the heart of the building. The living wall is not only a natural eyecatcher – it also brings many health benefits. The plants take in particulate matter and convert the CO2 into oxygen, purifying the air and promoting a healthy indoor climate. In addition, the greenery reduces stress and increases feelings of well-being. The incorporation of the SemperGreenwall in the foyer is the best way to greet and receive visitors and employees.

Plant wall irrigation and lighting
Featuring more than 2500 lush plants, the living wall in the EPA foyer holds multiple SemperGreenwall systems assembled together in an artistic and playful design. Every separate green wall in the foyer has its own irrigation system, providing the plants with water and nutrients. The green wall is integrated with the feature stone wall and receives lots of natural light via the central atrium. In low light conditions, however, extra artificial lighting of the SemperGreenwall supports optimal plant health and growth over the years.

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