About Sempergreen AUstralia & New Zealand

Sempergreen is a renowned international expert in sustainable solutions for green buildings. Our team designs, develops, grows, installs and maintains green roofs and vertical gardens tailored to suit Australian and New Zealand climate conditions.
Based in Victoria, we work across Australia and New Zealand, providing a wide range of solutions and maintenance services backed by over 15 years of industry experience.

From grey to green buildings

Sempergreen is passionate about turning grey cities into green oases. We take plants grown in our own nurseries to create robust green roof systems and walls.
Our solutions feature only locally grown species that are carefully selected to match regional climate conditions, paired with expert plant guidance from horticulturalists.

Sempergreen Group

Sempergreen Group is the international market leader in the field of sustainable, high-quality solutions for green buildings, with over 25 years of experience in growing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining specialty plant systems, plant walls and green roofs.

About Us - Sempergreen Australia team

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