Nick Bell Arcitects green roof and green wall


In collaboration with Nick Bell Architects and, Pale Green Earth, the installer of the SemperGreenwall of approximately 8m2 at the residential townhouse in Sydney.

In the heart of Sydney, Australia, a townhouse renovation project has recently breathed new life into a residential neighbourhood. Nestled amidst the bustling streets, the home of a visionary architect stands as a testament to creativity and sustainable design. At the forefront of this architectural masterpiece is the SemperGreenwall Outdoor, a living wall installation that transforms the home into a verdant oasis, blending seamlessly with the unique design.

  • Nick Bell Architect green roof and SemperGreenwall
  • Nick Bell Arcitects green roof and green wall
  • Rendering residential home
  • SemperGreenwall installation at Nick Bell's home
  • Flexipanels and Click N Go Green Roof
  • SemperGreenwall Flexipanel system Nick Bell Architects

Nick Bell Architect green roof and SemperGreenwall

Perched at an elevation of 6 meters

The SemperGreenwall Outdoor gracefully adorns the exterior of the architect’s home. Its lush and vibrant presence immediately catches the eye, inviting a sense of tranquillity and harmony into the urban landscape. The living wall’s strategic placement creates a visual masterpiece, melding nature and architecture in perfect symbiosis.
Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the SemperGreenwall Outdoor effortlessly complements the distinct characteristics of the inner city townhouse renovation. The architect’s vision was to merge modern aesthetics with sustainable practices, resulting in an awe-inspiring blend of greenery and contemporary design elements.

The Sempergreenwall: more than just adding luxerious alure

It serves as a functional ecosystem within the home’s exterior. Carefully selected Australian native species thrive in this vertical garden.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, the living wall provides numerous benefits for the architect and the surrounding environment. The SemperGreenwall Outdoor acts as a natural air purifier, filtering out pollutants and enhancing air quality. It also acts as a natural insulation layer, helping to regulate the temperature within the home and reducing energy consumption.

SemperGreenwall Flexipanel system Nick Bell Architects
Flexipanels and Click N Go Green Roof

Innovative design, maintenance friendly and green year-round

Maintenance of the vertical garden is made simple by its innovative design. The SemperGreenwall Outdoor incorporates an advanced irrigation system that ensures the plants receive the optimal amount of water, reducing waste and manual effort. Ensuring the wall remains healthy and thriving throughout the seasons.

Sydney’s ever-changing climate posed a challenge that the SemperGreenwall Outdoor conquered effortlessly. Its modular design allows for easy customization, ensuring the living wall adapts to the weather conditions and architectural specifications. From scorching summers to mild winters, the SemperGreenwall Outdoor remains resilient, providing a year-round green oasis.

The SemperGreenwall Outdoor at the architect’s home in Sydney, Australia, stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature and contemporary design. Its installation reaching 6 meters at the top of the SemperGreenwall showcases its versatility and ability to seamlessly integrate into any architectural masterpiece.

Creating a calm and relaxed environment with the SemperGreenwall

With the SemperGreenwall Outdoor, the architect has created a haven where creativity, nature, and design intertwine, offering a remarkable living experience in the heart of a bustling city.

[Architect: Nick Bell Architects Installer: Pale Green Earth]

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